How can I apply International Incubation Center?

Those who want to take part in order to benefit from incubation services and supports can apply by filling out the application form here. After the information and documents requested in the application are reviewed, if the project information is missing or not at sufficient level of detail or has missing document (s), etc., the applicant is contacted to make up for the deficiencies and make related corrections.

Is the enterprise expected to be incorporated when applying?

Pre-Incubation: Being incorporated or not, is not an expected criterion International Incubation Center Pre-Incubation at the application stage. International Incubation Center was established to serve the purpose of commercializing and selling successful technological initiatives. It is aimed that unincorporated startups become incorporated during/at the end of the International Incubation Center process.

Incubation: In order to apply for International Incubation Center, the prerequisite is to be incorporated and invoiced within the scope of the product/service and business model applied before the application date.

How does the process work after the application?

After applying, International Incubation Center experts and our evaluation board examine the projects in detail. Successful entrepreneur candidates are entitled to participate in the relevant program and benefit from all the opportunities that will be offered.

Can I apply with more than one startup idea?

Yes, you can apply to International Incubation Center with more than one startup idea, but you can continue the International Incubation Center process with only one startup.

How is the confidentiality of the application ensured?

Applications are evaluated only by International Incubation Center officials and are not shared with third parties.

What is the length of stay in International Incubation Center?

Performance Evaluation Meetings for current projects are held on a monthly basis at the Incubation Center. Accordingly, if the management finds it suitable, your incubation period will continue or be extended

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